Business Consulting

I have an expertise in helping companies improve their performance. For 30 years, I've advised over 380 clients ranging from start-ups, fast growth to Fortune 50s. I provide specific plans for increasing profits and also address strategic imperatives facing each client. I was Director of International Strategy of Merrill Lynch International and hold an MBA from Harvard Business School. Please email me to arrange a discovery call to discuss how I can help your company optimise its potential.

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Personal Development

I can help you navigate the murky path of mid-life. I understand the challenges women 40+ face and can lead you to identify and pursue the optimal path for your Next Half. I provide a Personal Advisory Service based on decades of experience as a Mentor, Mother, Wife, and certified Coach. Please contact me to arrange a Discovery call to see how I can help you thrive.

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Blogs and Podcasts

The Next Half's popular Blogs and Podcasts help women navigate midlife. We discuss issues facing women over age 40. I use humour, personal anecdotes and helpful hints to address topics we care about.

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