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The Next Half helps women aged 40+ identify the best path to thrive professionally and personally.  

We offer expert advice on business consulting, personal development and a popular blog on navigating midlife. We provide "one place to go" solutions to optimise your business ... and you.

Please see the summary below and the subsequent pages to understand how The Next Half services can help you. 

Please Email me at to schedule a discovery call to determine how we help you achieve your next step.

My Business Consulting Service offers strategic, business development and mentoring services to maximise your company's performance... and profits. As a successful corporate advisor for 30 years and a Harvard Business School Alumna, I provide proven expertise in finance, strategic planning, business development, and investment viability. Let's figure out how to maximise your business' potential!

My Personal Advisory Service helps people with life experience (over 40) identify, pursue and achieve their best life possible for The Next Half. I can help you if you are searching for a new direction, an energy recharge, some comfort or simply to smile and think . I provide sought after advice on personal development with over 25 years experience as a mentor, certified coach and mother to three young adults.
I will encourage you to refocus, re-spark and to reach for your dreams.
We all deserve to be excited about our future. Sometimes we just need a little starter-fluid.
That's where I come in.

This sentiment is echoed in my Blogs. The Next Half's Blogs discuss issues facing so many of us aged 40+. I use humorous, personal anecdotes, thoughtful missives, and helpful tips to discuss many topics we face while underpinning a message of inspiration.

The Next Half's advisory services can help you identify, pursue and achieve your personal or professional goals. You owe it to yourself to seize The Next Half.