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05 Dec

As the end of 2021 is approaching, I thought this is a perfect time to summarise some of the most popular subjects discussed in The Next Half blogs throughout this past year. 

I also thought it might be jolly to have some festive fun and recall these topics in a light-hearted way: Let’s rename the famous reindeer! 

I’ve picked adjectives that highlighted the themes and topics which resonated throughout The Next Half blogs in 2021. This is a non-denominational commentary as everybody knows about Rudolph’s plight. 

So, with a nod to the nine famous reindeer, I present a suggestion for their revised 2021 names. In doing so, I remind myself and my readers that these adjectives can be important milestones to keep in mind for the New Year. Let’s use these names to remember what’s important and how we can help ourselves in 2022. 

So, have some fun…. Perhaps hum the famous Christmas carol as you read? 

Proposed New Names for the Famous Reindeer

Courage: Let’s remember to challenge ourselves to continue to learn, grow and become more familiar with areas out of our comfort zone. That is scary, difficult and requires courage. But what a feeling of accomplishment when done! Let’s strive to improve, whether it’s tech awareness (https://bit.ly/32VoQex), (https://bit.ly/3ooTsgG) , our interview techniques, (https://bit.ly/3DrEuem) or other areas. 

Confidence: Confidence, self-belief and getting and keeping the “wiggle” in our step. (https://bit.ly/3lCRjw7),  (https://bit.ly/3Gjb4AG), (https://bit.ly/3Gd95Ow).

Friendship: The importance of friendships was discussed frequently: Why we bother, and when to re-categorise some, and how to find new ones. (https://bit.ly/FriendGroups,  https://bit.ly/31xqfqS).

Family: The Next Half has received lots of support for our blogs on parenting throughout 2021. Some of the more popular blogs on parenting include:  https://bit.ly/3lBc2kd,  https://bit.ly/32PcJ2z, https://bit.ly/3Gd95Ow , https://bit.ly/3opBR8D, https://bit.ly/3DrEuem.

Gratitude- This is such a cornerstone to happiness. If we are grateful for what we have – materially, physically, and emotionally - all else is frosting on the cake! Let’s remember to count our small wins and what we can be grateful for every day!

GritResilience, hard work, passion, and a growth mindset define True Grit. Let’s recognise these traits in ourselves and strive to improve them where we can.

Strength and Balance: We all know good mental and physical Health are the cornerstone of a good life. That takes Balance. The problem is that the temptations of reality get in the way and good intentions are hard to act on continually. Balance is often lost.  Crikey, don’t I know that! Most of us fall off the treadmill regularly and lose sight of the importance of physical exercise and healthy eating. (https://bit.ly/7TipsBeHealthier, https://bit.ly/InsomniaStopStressing, https://bit.ly/3IpoZag).

Most of us also struggle with our own busy schedules and stresses and fight overwhelm (https://bit.ly/3EvViSH). 

The key is we remember the goal of Balance and Strength and keep on readjusting the pendulum- one of life’s many quests. 

And lastly…. with a bright red nose…

Positivity: As this is a key to The Next Half, I will replace Rudolph’s name with Positivity.  With humour and a positive, growth mindset, I hope we can all steer our individual sleighs through 2022 with success and good cheer. 



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