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28 Mar

Hi Everyone! Welcome to The Next Half.

The aim of this blog is to raise discussions on issues facing so many of us women aged around 50+. 

Humorous personal anecdotes, thoughtful missives and helpful hints will be shared to relay the powerful message that we are not alone facing so many of our issues for The Next Half century of our lives ahead. Let's inspire each other. Let's seize The Next Half together!

I help aged 50+ women who are struggling to find the courage to identify and the path to fulfil their dreams to reach their full potential. 

I plan to discuss many topics facing us now and underpin the message of courage and strength. 

Let's discuss our Health (both for our body and mind), Relationships (with our kids, partners and parents. For example, issues facing "flown and grown" and the sandwich gen). Let's discuss current events, jobs, tech, finance and wealth (or lack thereof). Let's discuss musings we all may be pondering now, such as the looming question of "What's Next?". I plan to  intersperse lighter, fun topics (like beauty and hobbies) between the more thoughtful features. I will respond to what you, dear readers, want to discuss so please comment and tell me!

The common thread through all The Next Half is this: Let's have courage and strength together! LET'S SEIZE THE NEXT HALF! 

I hope you enjoy reading the blogs. Please let me know. 

Now, Let's get going! 

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